Monday, June 20, 2011

COLOR BLOCKING for the Not So Brave

The Color Blocking trends has been all over the place recently. If you are not familiar with it, think skittles and m&m's color palette.

Not everyone is brave enough to pull off this trend though.
If you want to jump in the bandwagon but you don't want to be all out, I suggest you start with a bag.
Yes, a bag. Candy Bags have been famous these days and its something that I think you should have in your closet.

Even if you are just wearing your t-shirt and jeans or your little black dress, a splash of color courtesy of the candy bag will add magic to your look.

We specifically love this Color Block Candy Bag from LMDV.

Yellow and Red reminds us of Happiness and Passion. This bag will really put a smile on your face and express your fashion. Just for Php550.00, this is definitely worth it.

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