Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GLORIETTA's Midnight Madness Sale

I think I need to stay away from malls this weekend.
Why? Well, there's another crazy sale that's going to happen this weekend at Glorietta.

Perhaps I should still drop by. I might find a white bag perfect for my mom. I just hope I'll just get that. I've been shopping too much lately. Must resist sale.

Any tips on how to resist sale?


  1. i do,=)...one time i really wanted to save up--i had my little sister hold/keep my wallet---all cash, atm & credit card. I told her to just give me allowance and never ever give me money for shopping new things even when I was begging or threatening to kill her---her price for doing that for a month is that I'll buy her a pair of shoes.--it works..=) although I've never done it again since. My sister can be so hard as in! She never gave an inch..haha

  2. haha that's funny. by the way, during lunch time, do you think you can meet up with me tom?