Monday, August 17, 2009

LADY GAGA and The Biker Trend Part 2

I managed to take photos of the accessories I wore during the Lady Gaga concert.

The Earrings I used was just borrowed them from work. They cost around Php2,000.00 and I won't spend something like that on earrings. The belt, I honestly can't remember where I got them but they probably cost less than Php200.00. The bracelet with crystal studded silver letters spelling out my name is from Quiapo. I just made it myself it costs. If you want to order, I sell them at Php100.00 maximum of 5 letters. I think I also have it in silver leather. Its not so much of the biker trend because they are just items I already have. Probably I'll make some accessories or buy some that is more on the biker theme. The chains, zipper and pyramid metal studs of the bag from Chinese Laundry really fits the biker trend.

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