Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Loots Part 1 (Forever 21 Edition)

So last week, I was able to drop by Forever 21. I've been meaning to checkout their items on sale for almost a month now. Good thing I finally did and got these babies. 

I grabbed a pair of black heels for Php759.00! I though to myself, this can't get any better than that.
Then I saw the sign Buy 1 Take 1. I grabbed this lovely sling bag. I think this is the last piece. I was thinking of getting a different bag but I remembered my sister. Since she gave birth to her child, she doesn't spend much on herself now. She usually shops for her baby. And i thought this will be a perfect gift for her. I already gave her a gold sling bag last, last week. But who can say no to this bag!

True enough she loved it! The great thing about it is that she thought it was really expensive. The original price is Php1500 then it was marked won to Php875 and then to Php699. In reality though, I got it for free since I already purchased the heels. What a great deal! I am so tempted to go back for more! :D

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