Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back from a Hiatus

When I say hiatus, I mean almost from everything. I took a leave from work and the internet for a week. 
Well, I did post a Christmas Greeting and New Year Greeting on Facebook since it was too hard to send SMS during the holiday season. Good thing we got WiFi at home now. Yipee!

Going back, I didn't even get to update my blog or post a greeting here.
I was planning to post a schedule greeting here but I totally forgot about it.
Sorry Guys!

So what have been I up to this last week of December?
Well, when the world was busy with Facehunter, I decided to go to Prayer Mountain in Antipolo. As much as I wanted to attend the Facehunter event, I decided to end and start my year right. It is a yearly activity with my friends where in we take time to reflect on what happened the past year. It is also a time to pray about what will happen the coming year. It is sort of dedicating the year to Him and knowing His vision for my life this year. He gave me Jeremiah 29 and received a word of abundance for this year.

That's why even though I don't have much to start the year, I hold on to His word that He will make my life bountiful. Yipee!

Aside from that, I also cleaned my closet and my room. I'm not completely finish with it. But it was a big improvement. I need more decluttering so really hope I'll be able to have a garage sale this month. I need to get rid of my stuff :)

Anyway, how was your holiday?

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