Thursday, December 16, 2010

On a High

After depriving myself from buying shoes for a month or two, I finally decided to buy a new pair.
Originally, I was planning to buy oxfords from Ichigo. Unfortunately, the design that I wanted was no longer available. I decided to drop by SM to see what shoes they have. I wanted to get a pair of wedges but I wanted to stay on budget. Then I chanced upon the shoe above. It was love at first sight.
O what joy it brought me!

I've been using it the whole week. Its my shoe of the moment.
This baby is 5 inches high! I don't think I ever bought a pair this high. Actually, I still have to check my VNC that I got last month. I think they're about the same height. 

Anyway, I wore it with our gray stewardess-like uniform about 2 days ago. And to my surprise, the reaction I got from men were quite weird. Some glance and others stare. Not a good stare. An intimidated stare. Then I realized, wearing those heels made me stand 5ft. 7 inches tall. Most of the men I passed by became shorter than me. My brother said that was natural because men gets intimidated with tall, well-dressed women. Actually 5'7" is not that tall but still I got the reaction.

Weird, but I'm loving it. I enjoyed the feeling of being in control. Its another confidence booster just like the body con dress I talked about earlier.