Tuesday, June 8, 2010

LBF: Little Brown Flats

Since I love to wear shades of brown a lot, I've been wanting to buy brown flats for a long time now. To be more specific, I want it to be more on the yellow, tan side like burnt sienna I think. I also prefer oxfords. Anyway, I spotted one before but I let it go and since then the craving started. Don't you hate that when it happens. I saw a couple of oxfords but I find it too expensive for my budget. So last week I spotted a burnt sienna ballerina flats at Robinsons. The price is perfect, its just that its not my size. I dropped by again this weekend hoping that they'll have a stock for my size. They still don't have it. Usually I'm a 5-6. I tried on 5 but its too small. I checked out the 6 from other colors and it fits me ok. But then I tried on size 7 and its perfect. I like to move  my toes inside my shoes so the 2 finger allowance for the size 7 gives me that. Perfect. I'm so happy now. No more shoe shopping for now. I'm off to Coron by the end of August and I need to save up for the trip. We already  booked our airplane. Yipee! So excited.

This is the pair I was talking about. The brand is Punkberry. I'm planning to get black snake skin ballerina flats with gold studs in the future. Its just Php400!
I'm still testing its durability so I'm wearing it for the whole week. So far so good. Its not slippery unlike the Korean flats I bought before.

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