Sunday, June 6, 2010

FUSE at the Piazza

Our organization Fuse, just turned 1 last week. What better to celebrate it than to have dinner at the Piazza. Since it was relative nearer to my home than Alabang, I requested the venue to be at th Fort. I gave them three choices: Dinner at Cafe Juanita at the Burgos Circle, Chelsea's at Serendra and Little Asia at the Venice Piazza. Obviously Little Asia won.

I must say the food was good. Or maybe I was really starving that time. Anyway, from the name itself, the restaurant serves a fusion of Asian food. And the predictable me ordered Pad Thai. Whenever Pad Thai is on the menu list, I make sure I order it. I've tried the Pad Thai of Oody's, Som's and Talking Tongues to name a few. The Pad Thai at Little Asia tasted good but not really a standout.

And I present you, Team FUSE (minus Casper)

That's me mixing the crispy noodles.

If you happen to eat at Little Asia and you spend a thousand or more, make sure you claim your free dessert from Globe. Just text Discount LA and send it to 4438.
Banana Tower from Little Asia courtesy of Globe.
Let's take a look around the Piazza.

That's the boyfriend striking the pose. I love the polo babe.

So here's what I wore, a thrifted sweater top with ruffles and vintage buttons as details. I'm also wearing my quilted boat shoes inspired flats that I also thrifted.

And here's the boyfriend again enjoying yo swirl's frozen vanilla yogurt with blueberry toppings.

How was your Friday Night?

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