Monday, June 28, 2010

Knight and Day

The boyfriend and I decided to have a Date Night. We've been going out a lot but usually with friends. So this time, we decided that it should be just the two of us. I wanted to watch Letters to Juliet but he was not in the mood to watch a Chic Flick. We decided to watch Knight and Day. We were only able to watch about 3/4 of it. Why? We totally forgot that the showing time was 7:05 not 8:05. We came in at 7:45. What a disaster. But the movie was ok. It was funny. I love the chemistry of Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise.

Anyway, I wore a thrifted cardigan. The brand is Kate and its in black and gold. I love it. The gold and black lace necklace was made by yours truly. It will be available for sale at LMDV. Actually, I'm re-designing the site. Hopefully it will be done by mid-July. But you can still visit. Its functioning even though I'm changing the design.

Back to the outfit. If you notice, at first I wore my Zara black patent ankle boots. I had it on the whole day. 15 hours to be exact. On our way home, my feet can't take it anymore so I decided to buy flats. I got this from SM. Its a bit tight but it was on sale so I grabbed it. I'm thinking of reselling it though. I tried it on again this morning so that I can wear it to work. I thought it was tight because my feet were already bloated that night. Still, it doesn't fit  me well. Tell me if you want it. :)

By the way, Royal Sporting House is on sale. I got the boyfriend a shirt from Reebok. The print is perfect for our Mountain Climbing and Jogging trips.


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