Friday, June 4, 2010

DC Live in Manila

I know its been a week after the concert but I got the chance to get the photos off m camera just now. 
Last Wednesday, we went to Glorietta for the Meet and Greet event. I persuaded my beau to line up even before the mall opens for us to be able to get stubs for the CD signing. So we were able to get them and have our CDs signed. I met Chris Carrabba face to face! It was a bummer though because they won't allow us to take their pictures or have pictures taken with them for that matter. You can only do that if you have the Meet and Greet pass. The Meet and Greet pass holders are not allowed to have their CDs or posters signed. They were so strict.

Here's my autograph signed CD

And here are the people having their CDs signed.

Let me just add that I like the outfit of this girl. I was too shy to ask her if I can photograph her so I just stole a shot hehe.

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