Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Sad day of celebration

I'm celebrating 11 months of love with my beau. Only a month to go and we're officially one year.
Despite the happiness this has brought me, I am mourning right now. Why? I found out this morning that my lovely pet rabbit Cara died. Just last October, Mac, my other pet rabbit died.

Its sad because he did not die of sadness for the lost of Mac. He actually was able to recover and is very healthy now. Unfortunately this morning he was able to escape his cage. When my mom got home this morning he was already dead on the floor soaking wet. Since our German Shepherd dog Germaine was on loose, we assumed that she chased Cara which caused her to become too stressed. Cara is also not used to getting wet so when the pail of water spilled over him during the chase, he must have shivered to death. Poor Cara.

I wish your cage was double locked so that this would have been prevented. I love you to bits and I will miss you. May you find peace with Mac in Bunny Heaven.

Here's my brother almost three years ago when we first got Cara and Mac. He'll be heartbroken with what happened.

We love you Cara!

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