Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Opportunity to dress-up

I love going out with friends and family whether its a dinner, a play or a walk in the park. I already made plans for this Friday night and the friday night after that.

This Friday night I'm going to Spicy Fingers Greenbelt with my tita, cousin and my sister. Its sort of a going away bonding for my cousin. She's off to Florida this Tuesday and she'll stay there for a year. This means she'll miss our family reunion this Christmas. Too bad. Anyway, I'm thinking of the Vintage Italian Graffiti Skirt that I got last week. I'll pair with leggings since I have in-grown due to waxing 3 weeks ago.

Next Friday night I'm off to watch Rakugo- Japanese Sit-down Comedy in English at the Ayala Museum. I made reservations just now. I'm thinking of wearing the longblack topper, black skinnies and a cami. I'm not sure though. All I know is that I'm excited :)

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