Sunday, September 20, 2009



My goodness! I'm going crazy over gladiator shoes. I'm still looking for a perfect pair ir pairs. Haha!
I visited "The Ramp" yesterday, lots of beautiful shoes! I'm having shoegasm just thnking of them right now. The disappointing part though is that the pricetag is so high. 1k and up. I just can't spend that much.

The Options

I'm eyeing a dark green peeptoe oxford pumps. Php600.00 only! I just hope I get to sell lots of items online and for sure I'm going to buy that baby!

I'm also considering of buying Follie Beige Gladiator pumps Php300.000 inclusive of shipping used once. I think I'm getting them after I check if the sole is in good condition. I was having second thoughts purcahsing them because the sellar has no feedback. Finally she got 1 positive feedback so I'm really considering buying them.

Another option is a korean brand. I really liked the design but its not so much of a gladiator shoe but I really love it. Anyway, I saw them last week and I saw them again a while ago. They're selling them for Php350.00. I want it for Php280.00-300.00. I know is just Php30.00-50.00 difference but its sort of my deal breaker. Its my sign if I should buy the shoes or not.

Ukay Shoes

I also visited an Ukay store yesterday. My goodness! They're shoes are so epensive. around Php400. and up for a pair. That's way too much for a used shoe from Salvation Army! I mean I'll just add a couple bucks and buy a new shoe on sale or a korean brand. It's just crazy.

I so envy this girl from this blog. She owns a lot of shoes! When I say a lot I don't mean a cabinet full but cabinets full. And the brands and styles in her closet, just to die for. I am so envious :) Lord, please provide :)

Well, wish me luck on my shoe hunt and my selling. More sales mnore shoes for me haha! :)

Having a shoegasm.

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