Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BORED To ....

I'm so bored at work today. I have things to do but I just don't find ant motivation to do it. Actually, I don't how to do it. I can find out how but I'm not in the mood to make extra effort since the task is not supposed to be delegated to me and I doesn't interest me at all. Sorry for ranting. I know this is a style blog and your expecting me to deliver that.

Anyway, I put on my make-up to try to motivate myself. Unfortunately it didn't work. I also wore my favorite gold Egyptian style necklace. I got it back from a friend yesterday. She returned it to me after a long time because I always forget to get it from her. My bad. I paired it with 2 gold bracelets which I bought last week together with brown and white ankle boots from the previous post. I'll try to take a picture of the said items and update this post.

Give a girl the right shoe, she can conquer the world.
-Bette Midler-

Maybe a should start wearing high heels to work instead of my flip-flop. I guess I ahve to trade self-confidence with comfort.

Let's conquer the world one shoe at a time

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