Sunday, August 16, 2009


Just got my pay check last Friday. Despite of the deductions I still managed shop. My beau and I went to ATC to watch a movie. While waiting for the movie, we decided to stroll around the mall. You all know what that means, Temptation!

I decided to checkout Janilyn to see if they have the boots I've been looking for and how much it is. They do have the boots and its on sale at Php1099. Pretty cheap but I decided not to buy them. Then when I turned my head to the other side of the store, they have this table wherein shoes are on sale for Php399. And this certain piece captured my attention. It was the last piece so I decided to get them.

Its not the trend this season but I just loved it. And its only Php499 :) I decided to match this with a dress and some accessories. I just don't know when I'll where the ensemble :)

I bought this white dress online for Php199 and the black ribbon belt at SM at around Php100.
The pearl necklace is my own creation. You can contact me if you want to order them. The watch is my sister's. She doesn't use it anymore so I'm the one using them.

The black back is from Confetti. I got it on sale for Php99.00. I don't think they have this anymore but if you are interested in something like this, I can refer to you to the manufacturer of these type of bags. A friend of mine from college owns the company. They are the supplier of bags to different stores. I happen to have two more bags that are similar to this. He gave it to me as a Christmas present and Debut gift.

I think this is ensemble is perfect for a Black and White Affair. I hope I can attend one soon :)

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