Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Color Guide for Fall 2009

I know most of the people stack up on grays and blacks during the fall season. But designers nowadays try to break that monotony by adding splashes of color. Below, you'll see the Pantone Color Formulas for Fall 2009.

American Beauty, Creme Brulee, Purple Heart, Rapture Rose, Iron
Majolica Blue, Honey Yellow, Warm Olive, Burnt Sienna, Nomad
  • American Beauty: Perfect for all skin tones, this is definitely a feel good color.
  • Creme Brulee: The new alternative to white, this is a grayed-down beige.
  • Purple Heart: This color of refinement ans sensuality will add excitement to the fall colors.
  • Rapture Rose: Perfect for male-up color, a combination of vibrant fuchsia and soft pink.
  • Iron: The new black, a combination of gray and brown, a perfect grounding color.
  • Majolica Blue: My favorite fall color, this is a dark shade of teal.
  • Honey Yellow: A warm and toned down version of yellow and gold.
  • Warm Olive: A rich yellow-green shade that will make your fall outfit pop-out.
  • Burnt Sienna: A deepened and earthed shade of orange, it is an interpretation of Fall's pumpkin color
  • Nomad: Another anchor for other colors, this is a half-way meet of light gray and beige
Start exploring the wonderful colors of fall :)

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