Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I've been using this slot lately so I feel like this baby deserves a decent post.
Its a caged pair of heels from VNC. VNC is one of my favorite brands since I was in college. I love their shoes because of the stylish and comfortable design, and reasonable price.

I saw this specific design last year. It was actually one of my choices when I exchanged my gift certificate from VNC.So when I saw them on sale last month, I knew I had to get them even though I already purchased 2 shoes on sale from another store the previous day.

Would you believe I just got them for Php500 even though it was originally priced at around Php2,500?! I was so tempted to get another one in black but I stopped myself since the other pair I got previously was a bit similar to this design only in black.

Hi I'm Nori and I'm a shoeholic.

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