Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crafts and Cappuccinos

Crafts and Cappuccino are 2 things very close to my heart. 
If given the chance, I'd spend a whole day enjoying cups of cappuccino while creating crafts.

Actually, I am now considering opening a crafts store and coffee shop in Pasig. I really want to open my own business when 2012 starts and it would be swell to do something I am passionate about.

My dad will support me in this, financially too but I am just too bored to create a feasibility study. Yes, I'm a business graduate but the bloody process makes me sick at times. I enjoy imagining how the store will look like and what are the things that we will offer. However the technical stuff like costing and ROIs, I am not so good at them. 

I'll still try my best to make a feasibility study though.
Its gonna nerve wracking. I can feel it already. LOL

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