Monday, January 3, 2011

With my girls

Last week we had a post-Christmas and post birthday celebration for Ruth. We've been planning to do a dress up dinner together and finally decided to go to The Establishment's Crystal Room.

I love the interiors. Looked so elegant. I also liked the idea that there was a divider that allowed our dinner to be more private. I'm not sure if they really do that when you reserve a sport or it just so happens we know someone who works there. LOL

I was a bit full from the Charlie Chan Pasta version of my brother in law. I gobbled it down because I wasn't able to eat lunch that day due to a pretty hectic day. You'll find out soon what's the reason behind it.

Anyway, didn't get to enjoy the food that much because if that but I know its pretty tasty. I ordered grilled prawns. Sorry no photo. I didn't bring my camera because I thought I'll be riding a cab going there.
Anyway, my basis of prawns or shrimps cooked right is if its a bit jelly. It means its not over cooked. We are having a hard time doing that at home so I get to taste that type of prawns only when I go out.

The other girls ate different types of maki and other grilled items too like the Norwegian Salmon. We were all looking forward to French Cuisine but unfortunately they only have a centralized menu for the restaurant which is mostly composed of Japanese food.

Most girls didn't like this Mixed Berry Cheesecake. If you compare it to the normal standard of a cheesecake, perhaps its a bit disappointing. Although if you take it as a different dessert, I think it tastes great. I like the combination of the sour taste of the cheese and the sweetness of the berries. I feel like I'm eating grapes with cheese and crackers or rather, wine with cheese.
We had a lovely time. It was really nice seeing those girls again. We are planning to bring back our BS during Saturdays this 2011.

By the way, I wore a Maxi dress with a long sleeve shoulder on the right and a sleeveless shoulder on the left. I paired it with my recently purchased Forever 21 heels and Rings from Anagon and Crystal Catx.

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