Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here comes the sun

Now that Holiday Season is over, we are now back to our Sunday routine of going to church in the morning then having lunch and shopping in Alabang.

Last Sunday, something unfortunate happened to me. I had a major attack of menstrual cramps. The pain is so excruciating that I cannot eat nor walk. Good thing they allowed me to rest at the nursing area of the lounge. When the meds I took finally worked, it was time to go home so I wasn't able to roam around the mall.

We ended up going home early and I decided to take advantage of the sun peeking through my windows.

I wore a wool tartan Maxi Skirt from Worthington, a thrifted bag and a studded belt. The necklace is part of my debut collection for Fabricate which will be out by this month.

Watch out for it!


  1. in love the bag Nori, ^^ I was wondering why I wasn't seeing any updates from your blog in my dashboard. (So I unfollowed and then followed you again)...I think it's fixed now, ^^
    happy New Year!, ^^

  2. Thanks. I think its really like that. It happened to me too.