Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Fiasco

How was your weekend?
Mine was a crazy one!
I was planning to rest Friday night and the whole Saturday. I was looking forward to fixing my room and update my blog. I was excited to have my Me time.

Unfortunately there was a fiasco at work that started Thursday Night. We thought it will be okay by Friday Night. To our dismay it extended until Saturday. We had no choice but to go to work on a Saturday even though we went home really late last Thursday and Friday.

To de-stress, I did some shopping.
I visited Topshop and found this dress on sale.
I've been looking something like this for a long time since I can't afford this one. To my surprise it was on sale for Php599.00. It was several sizes too big though. But I don't care. I'll just have it adjusted or I'll probably wear a belt. This one really made my day.

Time for some outfit post.
The black sweetheart cut with lace detail is a bazaar find. The gray Mossimo skinny pants was a gift from my sister.Shoes was the one I got from Forever 21.


  1. Great find Nori, ^^,
    ---is it just my PC or the pic you posted (for outfit post) is wrong?coz I can't see you in the pic, ...

  2. Changed it. It was too big LOL