Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No to Plastic Bags with EnviroSax

I was very blessed to have EnviroSax as one of my sponsor for Brown Bag Market and Awearness: Eco Fashion and Beauty Forum last Saturday.

Ms. Ton Chan of Zolo Enterprises was very generous and gave me EnviroSax to giveaway to blogger during the forum and to raffle off during the Brown Bag Market.

If you are one of those who received it, hope you can post a blog about it and link it to me.

Anyway, I got this design because I really love brown and I know its perfect for whatever I am wearing.
I know its supposed to be a shopping bag, but I can't help it. I actually used this as a bag yesterday. And it survived carrying my make up kit, planner, notebook, external hard disk and other essentials such as perfume, alcohol, tissue paper and cell phones. LOL

Well I am not really surprised because it can actually hold up to 44lbs. Isn't it amazing?
Even if I don't use it as my actual bag, I still carry it with me especially when I go shopping. I try my best to refuse receiving plastic from stores.

If you wish to do that too, just make sure you keep your copy if the receipt. You don't want them to have you mistaken as a thief. That is not a pretty sight. LOL.

Anyway, here's the design I got.

And here are the other designs given away last Saturday

Aren't they lovely?
Go grab one now at any Rustan's outlet.
They'll be at the Super Brands, Super Sale this December 3-5 at the Mega Trade Hall.

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