Saturday, November 27, 2010

Green Minded Missy: Fab Bags from Re-purposed Fabrics

A few months back, I encouraged a friend/office mate to attend design courses at Fashion Isntitute of the Philippines. She was able to pursue a short course in bag making while I myself was not able to find time to attend the Fashion Accessories course.

Anyway, after her course, she decided to join Brown Bag Market to sell the bags that she designed and made. 

And now I present to you Green Minded Missy, the brainchild of my friend, Marianne Frisnedi. 
A few facts about her, she graduated from an Industrial Design Course from Mapua and she was the Champion for the Jewelry Design Competition a few years back. The pieces that she designed and won were exhibited abroad. This is one talented woman, I tell you.
The bloggers who attended Awearness were able to see it up close and here her speak about where she got the inspiration.

All these came from re-purposed fabric she bought from Ukay-Ukay.
Such a brilliant idea.

Anywya, I was lucky to be the first to get my hands on them.

Remember this Velvet Bodycon Dress I wore to the Philippine Fashion Week during the Saturday show?

And the bag I was using that time? Well, that's her very first creation.

I'm so surrounded with very talented people.