Sunday, October 3, 2010

There's a first time for everything...

Do you still remember your first day in school?
Do you remember your first crush or your first kiss or even the first time your heart got broken?
There are many firsts in our life. There is something about your first time that you can't forget even if it is something unpleasant.

Last week, something pleasant happened to me. Its not something life changing but it truly is something worth remembering. I was able to attend a blogger meet up sponsored by Kotex.

Kotex, the pioneer brand in sanitary napkins launched another first in the industry. Kotex Luxe is a printed sanitary napkins with very fun and lovely designs. All of the other brands in the market offer only white, boring  pads. Kotext had another light bulb moment thought, Why Only White? Why not give the girls something to look forward to during their period? I think the concept was brilliant and effective. I actually was excited to wear the pads, just like when I buy a pair of shoes. You know how I go crazy with shoes. And to my excitement, I actually took a sneak peek of what's inside.

More on the event....

It was so nice to meet all the beautiful bloggers
(photos grabbed from Anna of Anagon and Vern of A Shoe Tale)

As part of the activity, we got to design our own pads.

And here's my design, of course, full of shoes.

Everyone's busy
Sorry for the pixelated photos, I just used my cam phone.

It was a really fun night, I hope to get to join an event like this soon :)

And now, my outfit...

I wore a Zara lace dress in pink, my 9am white frilly coat and oxford shoes from Archive.

And special thanks to KOTEX. I love the loot bag!

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