Monday, October 4, 2010

Sweater and Jeans Combi

I'm not sure if you notice but I'm a fan of sweater, jeans and heels combi. I like the idea of dressing down then giving it boost with a pair of heels or statement shoes. 

But as much as I love wearing heels all the time, it is not feasible especially with the kind of lifestyle that I have. I'm a pedestrian, meaning my poor heels are usually tortured with the rough edges of the pavement.

So sometimes I let my babies have a break by wearing flats. Good thing I already got my pair of oxfords. I consider it statement flats. And I am guilty of abusing them so in the next few weeks you probably won't see them much.

Anyway, here's my Sweater, jeans and oxfords combi that I wore to work 2 Fridays ago. Sorry for the late post. I've been to lazy getting photos off my camera.


  1. Loving the shoes. Wait, I already told you that. Haha

  2. @Meream LOL. I love it too. You ordered already right? What color did you get again?