Tuesday, September 14, 2010

News Flash: BoC Eyes P700-M Revenues from Legal ‘Ukay-Ukay’

I've read about this from Manila Bulletin 2 days ago:

BoC Eyes P700-M Revenues from Legal ‘Ukay-Ukay’

Being a frequent Ukay shopper, it has never occured to me that Ukay is ilegal.
Quoting Davao Rep. Karlo Nograles who is also unaware that it is illegal:
“ukay-ukay” shops could be seen in almost all commercial centers in the country."

I have positive and negative reaction toward the said Ukay Tax being proposed.
Positive, I am happy because it will be legalized. I am not comfortable doing something illegal and I am not comfortable stopping buying from Ukay-Ukay too. Bulk of the clothes inside my closet are from such stores.
Negative, does this mean ukay clothes will be highly priced now?  Being the kuripot that I am, this really bothers me. Ukay stores located here in NCR already have high priced ukay stores. They sell dresses around Php180. I ca buy a brand new pair for that price. Considering that they are not properly cleaned. If it is properly cleaned and sorted, I would be willing to pay higher than that.
So give me your thoughts fellow thrift shoppers


  1. Pag nagmahal na ang ukay-----I might lessen my trips there---kc nmn one of the reasons of thrifting ---is the "thrift". We can't do that if its too expensive na. I'd rather buy new.=(

  2. Onga Ann. Kapag I'm sad I go there kasi guilty free shopping kasi mura. Kahit na I buy madaming items.