Sunday, July 11, 2010

Date with my brother

I've been out with my friends a lot lately and I decided to go out with my brother instead.
He's unlike other kids. Instead of playing with friends, he prefers to go malling, eat out and go to a coffee shop. He's almost a teen now but he has been like this since he was young. And the way he speaks and acts 
too, very sophisticated compared to his peers.
We decided to eat snack at Brother's burger and have a cupcake at Sonja's. We were supposed to have coffee at Cafe Lipa too but we were so full already.

I had some plain vanilla cupcake while he had chocolate cream cheese cupcake.

I love the interiors of Sonja's.
Lovely plates

Feels like I'm in a tea party.

FIFA Fever!

And this is my date.

And this is what I wore.

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