Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cleaning up my closet at Brown Bag Market

I'm having a Garage Sale/ Flea Market at Greenwoods Executive Village this Saturday.

So lats night, I checked out my closet to see what shoes  and bags that I can get rid of. Before, I only choose the ones that are ready to do suicide, in other words, those that are so used up already. This time I decided to include those that are still great but I don't get to use or I don't want to use anymore. My style has evolved a lot these past 10 months. I realized, I am getting rid of around 15 pairs of shoes!

And even if I'm getting rid of them. I still have around 25 pairs left. And I intend to buy some soon. Haha. 15 out. 5 in for this month. :)

As for my bags, Im getting rid of 3 gold bags, 3 white bags and some other bags. I want to buy a gold and a white bag from the sales of those bag. Hopefully I will be able to do that.

If you want to clean out your closet too, we invite you to join us. You just need to pay Php500 (inclusive of table). The location of the Basketball court is near the Village entrance and guard house. It is in front of Ministop and also near different business extablishments such as salons, computer shops, bakeshop and others. In other words, its the busiest area of the village, a very good location. If you are interested, please SMS me at 09224186249.

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