Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Almost good enough to eat! Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Masque

I first heard about Montagne Jeunesse when I attended a seminar of Network for Enterprising Women last end of January. I was quite interested but because of work I completely forgot about it.

Then just this month, I've been wanting to have a facial to relax me after a days work. I was short in cash so I have no means to go to a spa or salon. I dropped by Watsons look for a relaxing facial scrub. When I was browsing through the racks, I started get frustrated. Most of the items that I saw were high priced. It was a few days before the payday so I'm on a tight budget. And also, I was having a hard time looking for something relaxing and fun which I needed so much. I was about to give up when I saw Montagne Jeunesse products. I literally said yes when I found it! I decided to buy the Chocolate Mad Masque.

I was so excited to use it. So when I got home, I finished my dinner quickly to have that most anticipated, "Me Time." When I opened the pack, I could smell chocolate all over the bathroom. I love it! I also enjoyed applying the masque. The process was fun just as I expected it. 

When I was done, I asked my kid brother to smell my face. He accused me of eating chocolate and was asking for some. I just laughed and showed him the pack. Then I laughed again because he asked me if it was edible.

The thing I love most about the masque is that I can use it several times. I think a pack is good for 3-4 uses. It really depends on how much you put on your face per application.

I am actually planning to have a spa party at home and use Montagne Jeunesse. I know we will all enjoy it and it will save us big bucks. I hope they can send us a Gift pack so that we can try all the variants. ;)

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