Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hello ladies! Another work week for us all.
Advise for the day, Never check your bill on a Monday morning. It will not just ruin your day, but also your week. LOL

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
So last Saturday, my beau and I was able to celebrate your 14th monthsary. We decided to try out Secret Recipes together. A friend told us that they serve different types of cheesecakes and that they are good. Since the boyfriend is a cheesecake addict, we went there. I've been there once with a couple of friends. 

No photos of the food since I forgot to bring my camera. I don't use camera phones because its way below my standard. LOL. Anyway when we got home, I was able to photograph what we wore. We both got matching pair of wayfarers.

I was wearing my Noynoy baller bracelet. Obviously I've finally decided to vote for him.

And this is the boyfriend who needs haircut. LOL

So this is us wearing it together.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Hi Nori! Glad to meet you... another fabulous Pinay blogger. Love the brown and yellow ensemble you're wearing. The Noynoy baller is a cute accessory for your outfit. Hehehe!

  2. Thanks Leah. I'm glad another pinay blogger as well. I hope we can all meet each other one day. :)