Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Beautiful Blur meets A Black and White Affair

It's so hot outside!
I need to have my entry printed for the photo competition tomorrow but I'm so not in the mood to brave the heat of the sun. Its really nasty hot outside. It feels like I'm going to have a fever with the temperature.

Anyway, I still don't know which of the two should be my entry for the competition. The theme is Beautiful Blur.

Anyway, aside from Casual Fridays, we also have Corporate Thursdays. We only need to wear our uniform every Monday thru Wednesday but we have to wear corporate clothes every Thursday. So this is what I wore yesterday. I bought this Satin dress about a year and a half ago and its my first time wear it since. I used a thing patent bow tie belt to cinch it. I wore my black and white tuxedo shoes. Whenever I talk or meet with clients, I put on my boy friend blazer.

I'm off to a date with my boyfriend later. Have a happy weekend!


  1. I like the first picture better--the second one's red is a bit "too red" for me, hehe---although that "too red" picture would probably be more fitted/relvant to today's weather!
    Urgh!so very hot here tlg--as in--
    BTW--U live in Makati too?

  2. We already gave up our condo in Makati because we moved to Pasig already.