Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My New D80

So last Saturday I was able to buy a new dSLR.
Hooray! Hooray!

I was going crazy thinking about it the whole weekend.

I had two options
1. Buy a d90 slr bnew which costs around Php45k.
If I get this, I'll use up all my savings and I still have to pay my dad monthyly.

2. Buy a secondhand d80 which costs Php27k
If I get this, I still have some savings left and I won't have any debts.

Making the decision is not easy.
1. A d90 is a d90! Plus its brand new
2. I am not sure how well taken care of the second d80 was.

Then a weird thing happen. When I asked who the owner of the second d80 was, it turns out its the brother of a close friend of mine. My friend actually plans to buy the cam from his brother but he opted to spend on more important stuffs.

I felt like God really gave me this camera. I mean, he orchestrated everything. He removed the doubt that I had in my heart.

Just amazing!
I'm still thinking of what to call my new baby.
Any ideas?

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