Sunday, December 13, 2009

Southern Girl no more

So this coming Wednesday, we will move in to our new house in Cainta. We will be spending Christmas in our new home. Its just partial because my mom and brother will go back to Laguna after the holidays since he still needs to finish his school.

Anyway, here's how my room looks like. I still need my mattress. Probably next year, I'll be able to get my old sewing machine turned table.

These are my vintage and travel inspired lamps. I got them at the Gift Market of Market!Market! for Php1,000.00. The baul, I got it from an antique store. It is originally from Samar. I got it for Php1,500.00. The glass jar and wooden dish with buchi native balls are the ones I bought from the Country Store in Tagaytay last weekend for Php60.00 and Php20.00 respectively. The place mat used is actually a tempered glass cutting board from Japan Home Store. Its just Php88.00 and the design is really lovely. It fits the color theme of the room.

You might be wondering why there are 2 doors. The other door is the entrance to the walk-in closet I share with my sister.

I'm excited to move in to the new house. But I'm sad because I'm leaving the lad back life of a southerner. Hello traffic, its me, your new victim.


  1. i'm envying your walk in closet! congrats on the new place :)

  2. Thanks. I'm excited to move in.