Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Shopping Fasting attempt.

I don't want to call it shopping fasting again. We all know what happened last time. Its not that successful.

Anyway, I've decided to dedicate this month in disciplining myself financially. My goals in not to spend any amount on shoes, bags and clothes (not to purchase them to be exact because I'll have two of my shoes repaired later) for the first 15 days of this month. If  I surpass this, I can reward myself with a purchase of my choice. I am thinking of getting black studded flats to pair with the biker pants I bought last month. Why first 15 days? Its because I want to do it step by step. I got so used to shopping that its not healthy taking the habit away all at once. Goodness, I feel like someone with an addiction problem. Hehe..

Another thing, I wanted my next goal to be no shopping for a month but I realized its the Christmas season. You know what that means. Its season of shopping! So I changed my next goal. I should not buy anything for myself not unless I bought everything on my Christmas gift list for family and friends.

I hope I get my 13 month pay this month so that I can finish shopping for gifts by the first week of December which means I can shop for myself. Mwahahaha! :) Anyway, I intend to spend only half of the 13 month pay. I want to start saving open a passbook so that I won't be tempted to withdraw from that account because it will be too tedious.

Anyway, please pray for this little endeavor of mine.

Love is lovelier the second time around.

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