Monday, September 7, 2009

The Vintage Dress

This vintage dress was my mom’s. I’m assuming this is a 30-year old dress since she wore this when she was still a young lady. I still haven’t got the chance to wear this dress but I’m hoping to wear this to a wedding. Aside from its beautiful design I love this dress because it’s a conversation piece. I also love the breezy feeling whenever I wear this dress.

I still haven’t decided what shoes to wear with it but I want to wear something simple so that the focus of attention will be the dress. I’m thinking of wearing gold slip-on heels to match the classic heart locket rope necklace I made.

I'm suggesting this outfit to a friend for a "Spring" themed wedding she's attended. I also think Isla Fisher's hairstyle below will fit. I hope this ensemble works. :)

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