Monday, August 24, 2009

To go or not to go... that is the questtion.

I just called the courier that the seller used for the boots I purchased online last week. I was able to pay her last Sunday. According to the courier's representative I'll be able to receive the package today. Yipee! I am excited to see them and wear them.

I am contemplating right now if I'll go to my friend's surprise party. Should I decide to go I still don't know what to wear. I'm thinking of wearing my new boots but I don't what to be overdressed. Hmm... what to wear?

I'll probably go with the boots and wear the white top with metal studs I bought for my biker look. Most probably though I won't wear my favorite black jacket. Let's see how it'll look.

Love it! Thinking of the outfit excites me a lot :)

By the way, I did some shopping last week at the Good Finds at the Cash and Carry Mall and I found this CK Moss Green Fitted Jacket. I'm still contemplating what to pair with it :)


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