Thursday, August 18, 2011

A toast to Fashion

I seldom or never feature other bloggers in this blog. There's no specific reason. I guess I don't feel like doing that. But as they say, there's always an exemption to the rule.

So today I though of featuring a blogger that has somewhat my affected my style now.

Meet Rumi of Fashion Toast

Rumi's style is hard to define. She can be all glammed up wearing a dress one day to wearing just shorts and sweater the next. One thing I love about her is that whatever she wears, she carries it with style.

I also love the way she takes her outfit shots. It looks so natural and random but still elegant.

And I'm not sure of you noticed it, we both have square face. I adore women who carry this face shape well. I used to hate the shape of my face because I feel like I look fat or bloated. But this women allowed me to appreciate how I look more.

Its a bit odd also that those blog that I follow for years are the ones I don't share the same style with but I eventually adapt. The things that I despise like chunky shoes and sweaters that I don't consider flattering, I enjoy wearing them now because of them.

I know you'll love Rumi too. I've been following her for more than a year now.
Do check out her blog

And oh, I love her too because she's best friends with one of my best friend's brother.