Monday, August 15, 2011

The European Trip

So last Saturday night, we were supposed to have dinner at Marcia Adams Tuscany. But something not good happened again. It turns out, they're prices have changed. They now have a consumable 700 per person. That would  have been fine if they allowed credit card. We are not the type that carries thousand of pesos in our wallet so a dinner for 8 persons at 700 per pax at Marcia's just can't be. I don't know why but every time I try to dine there, it doesn't push through. Oh well. So we moved to Manos Greek Taverna.

Unlike Marcia's, Manos is a very simple place. Just white and blue paint and simple furniture. My Parisian outfit still fits in though. Good thing I settled for a shirt instead of a dressy top.

Anyway here's my outfit:
I love Karl Shirt
Black and white Chiffon Skirt, LMDV
Shoes, Forever 21
Floppy Hat, Bazaar Find


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