Sunday, April 3, 2011


For those of you who are not aware, I've been working with the same company for more than 3 years now. Its actually the first company I worked for. I really enjoy working with the people there but I feel like I should not exceed working there for 4 years. It will be my fourth year this coming May and I was hoping I'll be gone by then. At first I wanted to move to a higher paying job. Late last year though, I knew I'll be working on my business full time should I decide to leave my job.

Its premature yet but I am excited. We are looking at acquiring a business which I will be managing full time. Its scary but its something I look forward to. We actually had a meeting with the owner this morning.

I am still praying about it because I don't want to rush things. Please pray with me :D
We dropped by Mercato to buy some things afterwards. I got the Sunflower Beauty Oil of Human Nature. Hopefully it will work. I want to remove the dark circles under my eyes :)\

Anyway, here's what I wore.

By the way, I finally colored my hair. It was so overdue. I love the color.

How was your weekend? Anything new in your life?


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