Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DTI ordered to study lobbying Japanese companies to relocate

In my effort to become versatile and well-read, I recently revived a habit I had back in college. Its the habit of reading a business newspaper and writing a commentary on them.

I will be posting some of the commentaries here. Just a warning though, I am not a business expert. I will be throwing questions in my commentaries and if you have your own two cents on the topic, please feel free to reply. You can also correct me, just be nice. 

Today's news is about P-Noy's call to Japanese companies to relocate production here in our country.
You may find the story here.

I agree with SEIPI President Ernesto M. Santiago. This is a good for our country in the sense that it will bring more investors and it will create more jobs. New jobs will come in handy now that a lot of OFWs are back here in the Philippines. Should they agreed on this suggestion, it will probably take about more or less 2 years to set it up (just an assumption and it might not be a good one so please correct me). Another assumption is that it will take 5-10 years for Japan to recover.

My concern is, what will happen to the employees when Japan finally recovered? Should this push through, the government should have a Plan B. Well most probably, when this occur, another administration has taken its seat already. My point is, if we are seriously looking at this, we must look at the long term effects.

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