Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anniversary Date at Gourmet Farm

We just turned 2. Hooray!

It was supposed to be a full day in Tagaytay but we ended up just spending a half day there.
I've been wanting to Gourmet Farm for 2 years now and finally was able to go last, last weekend.

I called them up a day or two before our visit to book a slot. I chose snack package C.
Below is the list of REFRESHERS TOUR PACKAGES inclusive of Herb Iced Tea and Farm Tour.

SNACK PACKAGE A – P 140.00:Hotdog on stick| B – P 200.00-Refreshers Sandwich-Ham and Cheese | C – P 250.00 -Salad of Mixed Organic Greens and Pasta Bolognese,

MEAL PACKAGE A – P 350.00-Grilled Fish Fillet with Rice and Pickled Vegetables and Salad of Mixed Organic Greens| B – P 400.00 Salad of Mixed Organic Greens Salad and Chicken BBQ with rice and Pickled Vegetables| C – P 425.00 Salad of Mixed Organic Greens, and Beef Tapa with Rice and pickled Vegetables

There other activities being offered as well: Herb Planting (Php50.00 per pot), Lettuce harvesting (maximum of 3 plants of lettuce) php50.00 per head, andSalad Demo (Php50.00 per head)

However, I suggest you just pay the Php50 farm tour and just eat at the Dining Room, a Grecian Inspired restaurant with White and Blue facade. 

The serving of the packages is quite small for our appetite. :D

I'm not a fan of Bolognese but when I tasted this, I really enjoyed it.

Here's the menu of the restaurant:

After eating our brunch, we opted to check out the place while waiting for the tour to start.

The Country Store where they sell dips, dressing, vegetables, coffee and etc. There's also a restaurant inside. 

Then our tour started. The Assistant Operations Manager gave us the tour. I forgot his name but he was really nice answering our questions even if it seems redundant at times. LOL

The highlight of the tour of course is the Coffee Roasting. Too bad I wasn't allowed to take photos of them. It felt so good being around coffee and smelling the aroma. :D

I'm definitely going back there to bring family and friends with me.

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