Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sustainable Style: Revolve Conscious Clothing

Our featured brand for today is

Revolve Co Clothing is owned by a fellow Filipina named Lara Stephenson who is now based in Canada.

Here's a short description about the brand:
Revolve Clothing Company is progressive clothing design for the conscious mind. A Canadian collection of eco-friendly women’s tops, tunics, and dresses, Revolve uses sustainable fabrics, including organic cotton, soy, bamboo, and lyocell blends. The entire collection is exclusively designed and manufactured in Canada.
Revolve Clothing embodies individual spirit, conscious expression and subtle versatility. Always striving to interpret the power of simplicity, Revolve garments offer a clean silhouette that is easy to incorporate into any wardrobe and serve as a perfect palette for layering. “Versatility in design and function is very important to me,” says Revolve founder and designer, Lara Stephenson.  “I want to give people who wear Revolve the freedom to adapt clothes to their lives.”
Revolve attracts socially conscious women. Fashion-forward, unique and passionate, they strive to improve themselves and their communities. “Our clothing is part of a movement towards awareness,” says Stephenson, “a shift towards responsible yet stylish clothing.”

I am really proud of this brand because aside from being Eco-friendly, it is owned by our Kababayan. I hope alot of other Filipino designers will emulate her.

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