Thursday, December 2, 2010

Suncoat Water-based Nail polish

This is the  reason why I've been busy lately...

 Let me tell you about Suncoat Water-based Nail Polish. 
Suncoat is the only long-lasting and quick-drying water-based nail polish product on the market.
Why is Water-based so much better?
Environmentally Friendly:
Conventional nail polish contains large amounts (typically around 70%) of chemical solvents such as toluene, acetates and alcohol. When nail polish is applied to nails, these solvents evaporate into the air, generating toxic chemical fumes; the well known and VERY offensive "chemical smell". This is why many people find it hard to breathe when using conventional nail polish: you are surrounding yourself with heavily polluted air, inhaling toluene, acetates etc.; chemical solvents.
In Suncoat water-based nail polish, all the chemical solvents are replaced by water. The major ingredient is water, not chemical solvents! So when Suncoat water-based nail polish is being applied, it is only water that evaporates to the air, not toxic chemical fumes.
Safer to Nails:
The chemical solvents in conventional nail polish, after repeated use, can discolor nails and make them brittle and weak. This is not an issue with water-based nail polish.
Not A Safety Hazard:
Since conventional nail polishes contain around 70% chemical solvents, they are highly flammable and explosive. They are often classified as dangerous goods. They are safety hazards for retail stores, salons and residential homes.
They should be kept away from heat, open flames such as burning candles, etc.
Water-based nail polish, on the other hand, is not considered dangerous goods, and is much safer to both store and use.
Other Benefits of Suncoat Water-based Nail Polish:
No Phthalate of Any Kind
Many conventional nail polishes contain a deadly chemical, namely, phthalate. Phthalate, such as dibutyl phthalate (DBP), has been proven by research studies to interfere with normal hormone balance, can cause severe birth defects and other health problems. Phthalate is a very effective and popular plasticizer that gives nail polish flexibility, and helps prevent polish from cracking. Phthalate is also a very low volatile chemical (meaning will not evaporate quickly). So after the polish is applied to nails, phthalate will stay on the nails with the polish, and can penetrate into our system, causing health problems.
Many regular nail polishes have formaldehyde-releasing ingredients, used in preserving the formulation. Formaldehyde has been reported as a carcinogenic chemical.
Suncoat water-based nail polish is formaldehyde-free.

I'll be selling these babies. Stocks are expected to arrive in 2 weeks. I only ordered limited amount and colors. If you want to pre-order, you may still do so.
You may choose from the colors below:
If you are interested, you may leave your contact number and I'll contact you.


  1. Interesting. Can you shoot me an email on how much it costs? Thanks! :)

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  3. Hi Girls. Will email you. They are expected to arrive late next week.