Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello Coron, are you ready for us?

Exactly a week ago, I cam back from my Coron trip. It was so full of drama. I almost did not make it but I will spare you from it all. LOL

Anyway, here are the first installment of my blogpost about Coron.

So this me with Mae  lined up to get inside the airport.

By the way, I wore my favorite floral skirt, Ichigo caramel platforms and some random white shirt.

Too bad my beau can't make it. Here's my message for you babe.

And the eagle has landed. Coron, are you ready for us?

Waiting for our luggages. 

Here's the placard of our sundo.

Ahh seafoods. I love! Sorry Mr. Crabs. :)

So after eating, its time to melt the calories we've just gained by going to the hot spring. Seriously, we really felt thinner afterwards. LOL

But before anything else, time for the photo op.

And the best way to lose weight....

More to come...

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