Monday, September 27, 2010

Girl in Polka Loves Oxfords

Lucky is the person who wakes up with love knocking on her door...
It was a glorious Sunday.
The afternoon sun was up and was trying to get its rays inside my room
It is moments like these that I appreciate Sunday so much even though if it brings an end to a lovely weekend.
I think Mondays should be part of the weekend too. Don't you think so?

By the way, I got my white oxford from Archive last Saturday. 
Its so beautiful.

I wore it with my Blue Vintage Polka dot dress with lace details on the chest area. I was going to have it on sale at my store LMDV but I changed my mind. I'm keeping this charmer. I sold another lovely polka dot dress at the Bazaar last weekend so I just though I deserve a piece. A vintage lover should never be without a polka dot piece of clothing.

I also had my Denim Quilted Purse from Bayo repaired so its in really good condition now. Yey.

So how was your weekend ladies?


  1. love the shoes!it's one of my "to have" lists,=) teehee.

  2. Order na from Paxie. Reasonably priced siya;)

  3. Ordered! Weee excited.

    And love your dress! :)

  4. Thanks. What color did you order? I'm thinking of getting another pair. I am so addicted! LOL.

  5. I so love your white oxford. So cute and classic but very chic. And perfect choice of color, it goes with any outfit. :) FAbulous

  6. Thanks. I am so in love with it too. I am actually wearing it now.