Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another Social Casualty...

I don’t seem like it but I’m a very frank person, most especially to the one closest to me.
I don’t like to candy coat things. Truth hurts. End of discussion. Period.
It was never my intention to hurt, offend or anything. And even though I try so hard to portray that I am a tough cookie, I am not.
Whenever I release those words and my loved one gets so  crushed by it, it pains me twice. I always end up wishing I can take back everything I said.
“I’d rather be a mystery than she (he) deserts me. Oh I’m never speaking up again, starting now….”
This is an epitome of how I feel every time.
Sometimes I get scared of uttering even a word. I vow never to say anything. But in my conscious effort to think before I speak, I over think and I start another cycle of regret.
John Mayer is a brilliant writer, I’ve been listening to him for around 10 years now (since I was in high school and I’m already working for 3 years). Before I met my loved one and I was still a no boyfriend since birth gal, I was singing “Love Song for No one” on top of my lungs. I love more recent releases like Dreaming with a broken heart and Heartbreak Warfare. But even if those songs were so beautifully written, it can’t and it won’t topple down My Stupid Mouth.

My tongue is like a sword, my words cut to core. My Stupid Mouth.

(This is my entry to the John Mayer Concert of Manila Concert Scene. If you are interested to join, click HERE)


  1. Hi! I saw you sa Kotex event :) I'm following your blog now :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Thanks Melai. Followed you back. I love the yellow blazer you wore during the event :)