Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Since I work for a company that sells accessories, naturally there are lots of scraps that can still be useful.
So I browsed through our stock room and saw a bracelet holder and ring holder all set aside in one corner. 

I took them out and decided to revamp them. 

I covered this with a cute wrapping paper that fits the theme of my roon.

Since I have lots of fabric in my room (I'm a chronic fabric buyer), I decided to cover this one with a vintage fabric cloth. It used to be covered with white leatherette but it was dirty already.

Now I have a new home for all the accessories I make.


  1. WHy hello there fellow chronic fabric buyer :D

    Love what you did with them holders. :)

  2. Thanks Meream.
    Been a chronic fabric buyer since my high school days. :D