Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Flower Garden x Denim Love

And its Friday again folks!
I can't believe how time flies really fast. 
But for now I'll be taking my time and be in a Summer mood even if its already fall here.

I've been wearing a lot of grays and blacks lately (will post photos) and its a breath of fresh air for me to wear florals just to break the monotony.

So here I am wearing my thrifted denim top and floral skirt on my way to work. I'm wearing my Ichigo clogs that I'm loving a lot except that its a bit tight. I'm trying really hard to break in and loosen it up a little.

I'm off to my friend Pei's birthday later.
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. hi sis!yeah it's me!:) it's pretty right? and I read your previous post about the Trunkshow saw, and OMG I went there yesterday to buy one, but unfortunately, there are no sizes left for me:(

    btw where is Ichigo located?:)

  2. Oh really too bad. What's your size ba? There's Trunkshow at Glorietta's Teen Zone. Better check with them online if they have stocks. Anyway, Ichigo is located at the Ramp Glorietta.