Sunday, May 23, 2010

What do you think?

A certain article from OMG! Yahoo featuring hollywood fashion disaster caught my attention today.
I agree with some but not all of them.

"Remember when Katie Holmes was still a fresh-faced starlet who stole the spotlight in cute outfits and a smile at every A-list event she attended? Well, it's been five years since she hooked up with Tom Cruise, and, let's just say, things have changed. Case in point: this troubling outfit -- consisting of a bold button-down, baggy boy jeans, and granny shoes -- she was spotted in while out and about in LA."

I love vintage and oxfords but I guess this outfit is too manly to be pulled off. Katie should have worn a sexier pair of pants or maybe a tank top. Baggy all over doesn't really work.

"There's no denying Sarah Jessica Parker's status as a style icon. But that doesn't mean the "Sex and the City" star isn't capable of stepping out in a catastrophic article of clothing every now and again, like this tragic pair of acid wash trousers."

Acid jeans are in these days but I'm not a fan. But when SJP wore it, I'm doubting myself now. I'm torn in two whether this is Ok or Not.

"Is it just us, or does Taylor Swift look like she should be serving turkey legs at a Renaissance fair in that outfit as opposed to shopping in Beverly Hills? You can take the girl out of rural Pennsylvania, but you can't take the rural Pennsylvania out of the girl."

I'll have o say I disagree with this one. I like the outfit minus the hair though.

So what do you think? Are these disasters or not?


  1. I saw them yesterday too! I wanted to post about it, since I thought the three above were OK, if not fab.
    I agree with you on katie's outfit,=)

  2. Thats why I seldom give a negative comment on people's clothing since its their way of expressing themselves. What can be fashionable for one can be to a disaster to another.