Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I know its been a while since my last outfit post. Super sorry for that. I have so many photos but they're all over the place. Some are on my laptop, some are on my PC and the others are on different SD cards.

I've been contemplating too. I want to give you guys better photos. The outfit posts I've been giving are crappy to think I'm a photo-hobbyist. I'm so ashamed. Its just that mostly I document my outfits at the end of the day. This means, my hair and make up looks like a drab and the lighting is bad. Just for you guys, I will try my best to wake up early every Thursday to Sunday so that I'll be able to give you a better post. ;)

Anyway, here's an outfit I wore last Saturday when my friends from church visited our home. We also watched Iron Man 2 afterwards. I really liked the movie.

This dress is actually for sale at LMDV. I'll be uploading new accessories there soon so please check it oy.

And this is us trying to imitate Toy Story 3's Barbie and Ken.